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MankerBeer Meets: Alefarm Brewing, om bryggeriet och All In Beer Fest

alefarmNästa fredag kickar så All in Beer Fest igång och förutom att festen har vuxit ytterligare så är både vi och mässgeneral Lina spända på fler av de nya namnet. Bland dem finner vi danska Alefarm Brewing, ett rätt så nytt namn på ölhimlen. Manker har tidigare provat Andreas Skytt Larsens öl Funk Orchard och vana köpenhamnsresenärer har kunnat finna en eller två öl till och från bland stans bättre ölhak. Men vem är Andreas och vad ser han fram emot inför AIBF, såklart tog vi och hörde efter.


MankerBeer (MB): Tell us a little about yourself. Why did you start brewing and how did you fall in love with beer?

Andreas Skytt Larsen (ASL): During my studies at the university I started coming to the monthly pub quiz at Ørsted Ølbar, I think around 2010. That was the first time I tried a Mikkeller beer. And my mind was blown. Coming from shitty lagers only consumed as a direct mean to get drunk, this was a whole new world to me. And I knew it right away, with the first sip: This would change everything. As time went by I got more and more into craft beer, always exploring new stuff, and the natural next step was to make my own. It was a strange drive that I had not yet experienced until now. At the same time I started working as a bartender and got really into the world of craft beer, read a lot, just craving knowledge. After some mediocre batches I started to get it right and I won a couple of homebrew competitions. Then I just knew that, one day, this would be my future.

MB: What role models do you have in beer?

ASL: As a dane getting into craft beer, it’s hard not to notice a guy like Mikkel. He helped pave the way for danish craft beer. He really put Denmark on the map. It’s hard not to admire the passion and determination. Another that comes to mind, is Shaun Hill. Tasting his saisons was the next big eye-opener for me. Very skillfully crafted beer with a great sense of balance, respect for tradition yet with his own take, with a locally rooted way of brewing and living beer. Hill Farmstead is the sole reason for my passion for Saisons and sour beer.

MB: I have to ask about sour beers, you have made some of your own, are you satisfied with them?

ASL: There’s always room for improvements and an urge to always strive after perfection. But with that being said, I’m immensely proud of what I’ve done so far in relation to brewing sour beer. It has opened up some doors and given us some great opportunities. The feedback has been overwhelming to say the least.

MB: Do you like to push the envelope in the beer scene and how do you work with tradition?

ASL: We don’t have this grand vision of changing craft beer or what ever. The driving force behind Alefarm is to brew locally rooted beer with high international reach, a great story and a firm connection with the local area and community. By getting our own place in January, this will give us the opportunity to work towards that.   Tradition and history has a strong presence in what we do. Though we do feel that tradition exists to be contested and to be able to move toward new ways of doing things.

MB: What beers will you guys bring to the All In Beerfest?

ASL: We will bring some beers from our present lineup, with the exception of one new beer: Favorite Pastime pale wheat ale, Ingrained Practice farmhouse grisette, Funk Orchard dry hopped farmhouse sour, Carry the Sunsphere blackcurrant farmhouse sour (new). On top of that, we are bringing a few surprises.

MB: I have to ask, what beer would you pick if you only could drink one specific beer for the rest of you life?

ASL: Definitely Orval. All day, everyday. A sessionable trappist with funk and complexity. That beer has it all. A classic.

MB: What do you mostly look forward to at All In Beerfest?

ASL: I really just look forward to go tell our story and for people to taste our beer. Generally just having a good time and to meet likeminded people. We can’t wait!

Thank you Andreas! We really look forward to trying your beers!

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