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MankerBeer Meets: Pre-GABF: Ryan Sentz/Funky Buddha

The time has come, the time is now. Right here and right now we present our first MankerBeer Meets-interview for Great American Beer Festival 2013. The MankerBeer Meets-series has been around for a while with portraits of brewers attending Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2011 and 2012, Copenhagen Beer Celebration and much more. All you long-time MankerBeer’ians  will recognize the format, a short introduction to the brewer and brewery followed by a Q&A.

feature_ryan_sentz_tastemakersFirst out in our Pre-GABF series is Ryan Sentz. Ryan started Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton, Florida which along with his passion for beer some years later got the addition of & Brewery. The popular brewpub had its grand opening in September 2011 and has since then received lots of attention in a state otherwise rather scarcely populated with craft beer breweries and their high rated beers have been sought after on most online beer trading forums. At the end of 2012 the first showels touched the ground for the new brewery in Oakland Park which now let Funky Buddha distribute outside of Boca Raton. So far I have only tried two Funky Buddha brews, a special pineapple version of their famouse Hop Gun IPA and their signature sweet stout Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, both evidence that Ryan and his team of brewers have a bright future. All beer lovers at GABF will be able to sample the porter as well as some other great beers which Ryan presents at the end of the interview.

Time to stop talking and start the interview. Here’s Ryan.

MankerBeer (MB): The instant success of Funky Buddha have presented the brewery for many American beer lovers, for those who haven’t – what is Funky Buddha Brewery?
Ryan Sentz (RS): We are a 30bbl production brewery located in Oakland Park, Florida. We are heavily culinary influenced and love experimenting with new flavors and styles. However as proud and excited as we are to do something like No Crusts PB&J Brown Ale, we are equally proud to make tradional styles like our Floridian Heffe or Hop Gun IPA. That is my canned answer. The real one is that we are a couple of beer geeks that got really lucky to “work” every day in something we are so passionate about.

MB: It didn’t take that many years until the demand outgrew the production capacity of the old Lounge location and the new brewery opened in May. Will it be easier now to handle the demand for FB beers or do you think you need to expand again
RS: We had such a tiny system when we first started, that it was really impossible to meet any demand. The fact that we got any attention blew our minds. It will definitely be easier with the new system but we hope to continue to grow. I think you see it with most breweries now that they can’t seem to brew enough beer. We’ve built in some growing room at the new facility, so we should be constantly adding new tanks for the near future.

MB: What are the production goals of 2013/2014, will it be possible to go national or international or is the focus on the regional market?
RS: I think our main goal is to produce good beer. I don’t like the idea of getting tied to numbers because that could lead to cutting corners or making sacrifices on quality. It is humbling and incredibly exciting to even to be asked about the possibility of going national, let alone international. I’m having a hard time getting my head wrapped around that! Our first goal will be to satisfy the local market, then hopefully grow outside.

FunkyBuddha1MB: Will it be possible to buy bottled Funky Buddha beers?
RS: We are currently looking into a bottling line that again we can grow into. We have a small 4 head filler that will allow us to do small releases, but I’d like to be working the larger line early next year.

MB: The Florida beer scene has given bloom to several of the most sought after breweries right now (Cigar City, Johnathan Wakefield, Peg’s Cantina/Cycle Brewing etc) – why is it all happening now?
RS: Good question. Easiest answer would be breweries like CCB and St. Somewhere helped to put Florida on the map for beer lovers. I think people started paying more attention to us. You probably have 4 or 5 hot breweries in just about every state, but we have been so starved for so long that the locals are really supporting us strongly.

MB: Funky Buddha experiment a lot with flavors and beer styles and are not afraid to use spices or fruits with all kinds of beer styles – how do you come up with all these sometimes crazy ideas?
RS: I grew up with parents that liked to cook and did it well. I treated brewing the same way. We are so lucky in brewing to be able to incorporate so many cool ingredients. Most of my ideas are just quick thoughts that I end up trying to work out. Some do and some don’t. Our bonita applebum was created when I had a piece of apple pie chewing gum. I thought, hmmmm, I could make this into a beer.

MB: Berliner weisses seems to be an appreciated beer style, brewed by more and more breweries – why do you think it is gaining popularity?
RS: I think sour beers in general have gained a ton of popularity in recent years. Berliners are kind of like that gateway style into sour beers without being too over the top. I love them, especially in sweltering South Florida.

MB: What other beer styles or trends do you think we will see over the next year?
RS: I see sessionable beers making a huge resurgence. My favorite style is probably an Imperial Stout, but sometimes you just want one type of beer you can drink 4 or 12 of.

MB: So, GABF. What are you looking forward to with GABF and how important is the festival for breweries and the American beer scene?
Last year was my first time at GABF so I was just taking it all in. It really is a well run festival, especially considering how many thousands of people attend. I enjoy catching up with a lot of brewery friends that I don’t see very often. Denver and the surrounding areas has such an amazing beer scene. The festival gives us a chance to gain exposure to thousands who might have never heard of us.

MB: For all GABF-debutants, what should one think about and/or not miss at GABF?
RS: Make a plan but don’t expect to stick to it. Unless you are going to every session, I think it be impossible to hit every brewery. That and I think you would get liquor poisoning first. Also, I would check out what events the local breweries are hosting. They know all of us beer geeks are flying from around the world to be there, so they are breaking out their big guns!

MB: Could we get an idea of what cool Funky Buddha brews will be poured at GABF?
RS: As for us, we will be pouring (hopefully!) Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, No Crusts, Floridian, Last Snow & Passionfruit Berlier.

Thanks Ryan for answering our questions. Beer lovers, if you miss out on Funky Buddha beers at GABF it’s your loss and not something we can recommend. Seek them out ant sample some Florida goodness! Meanwhile follow Funky Buddha on Facebook or check out their website!

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Nu startar MankerBeer rapporteringen inför Great American Beer Festival

premeirefestivalÄntligen. Till slut är det dags att börja blicka framåt mot en höst fylld med festivaler. Vi har inte bara Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival utan även Örebros Öl och Whiskyfestival samt All in Brewings ölfestival. För vår del kommer huvudfokuset dock att ligga på världens största ölfestival – Great American Beer Festival som går av stapeln om dryga 5 veckor. På grund utav vår bevakning av GABF kommer vi i år tyvärr att ha mindre fokus på SBWF. Vi kommer såklart att försöka rapportera om allt du behöver veta inför festivalen men i år blir alla intervjuer mer fokuserade på och kring GABF. Vi hoppas dock att ni kommer att tycka att intervjuer med huvudpersonerna bakom bryggerier som Ballast Point, Funky Buddha, Croocked Stave, Coronado Brewing Co., Almanac och många fler kommer att bli intressanta. Vi har lyckats få tag på flera av de mest spännande amerikanska bryggerierna och förutom intervjuer så kommer vi även att rapportera från vår resa runtom i USA med besök på allt från Russian River, Stone Brewing Co, New Belgium m.fl.

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival verkar i år åter slå tidigare rekordnoteringar och det är svårt att inte förundras det arbete Marianne Wallberg med hjälp lägger ner. Vi har redan nu sett importörer och bryggerier droppa lite av vad som kommer att serveras och vilka bryggare som kommer på besök och jag tror att vi kommer att få se fulla provningssalar och samma bredd på besökare som tidigare år – om inte mer och bredare. Vem vet, kanske kommer det också en liten SBWF-video även i år?

Dock är det mot GABF vi börjar vända blickarna och nu i veckan kommer vi att börja publicera intervjuerna där Gordon SchuckFunkwerks och Shawn DeWitt från Coronado Brewing Co. är bland de första vi bekantar oss med. Tanken är att ha 2-3 intervjuer per vecka och liksom när vi rapporterade inför och från Copenhagen Beer Celebration så kommer alla intervjuer att vara på engelska. Vi hoppas att det ska vara intressant.

Nu kör vi!

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Buy Tickets

Pre-Great American Beer Festival – Tickets are released today, so is the brewery list

Finally. The waiting for today’s ticket release seems to be beaten only by the time it has taken Nickelback to produce an okay album (still waiting..) – but the day is finally here, the tickets for Great American Beer Festival is to be released. The tickets are to go on public sale 10:00 AM (MT), Swedish time that is 18:00 if I do my math correct. You can reach the ticket vendor through the GABF link or directly through Ticketmaster.

Full ticket info below (taken from GABF’s official page)

2013 Session Date 2013 Session Times  Prices
*Includes festival program, special gift, unlimited sodas and hospitalities in the Designated Driver lounge.
Buy Tickets Thursday, October 10 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm $75
Buy Tickets Friday, October 11 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm $75
Sold Out Saturday, October 12 Members Only Session 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm $65 Two tickets per member.
Buy Tickets Saturday, October 12 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm $75
Buy Tickets Designated Driver* Available for all sessions. $25


If you still aren’t too impressed, GABF staff released the list of all breweries which are to attend GABF 2013. The list was released yesterday and is subject to change. The waiting list has been larger than ever and the increased interest in craft beer is evident in the pressure on the “few” spots at the festival.

(512) Brewing Company
21st-Amendment Brewery
23rd Street Brewery LLC
3 Stars Brewing Company
7venth Sun Brewing Company
903 Brewers


Abita Brewing Company
AC Golden
Adelbert’s Brewery
Aftershock Brewing Co.
Alameda Brewing Company
Alaskan Brewing Company
AleSmith Brewing Company
Almanac Beer Co
American Brewing Company
Anchor Brewing Company
Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Anheuser-Busch, LLC
Apocalypse Ale Works
Arvada Beer Company
Asher Brewing Company
Asheville Brewing Co.
Atwater Brewing Company
Auburn Alehouse
August Schell Brewing Company
Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company
Austin Beerworks
Avalanche Brewing Co
Avery Brewing Company


Backcountry Brewery
Backwoods Brewing Company
Baker City Brewing Company
Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
Band of Brewers
Barley Brown’s Brew Pub
Base Camp Brewing Company
Battered Boar Brewing Company
Battlefield Brewery
Bayou Teche Brewing
Beachwood BBQ & Brewing
Bear Republic Brewing Company
Bear Republic Brewing Company Factory Five
BearWaters Brewing Company
Beer Army Combat Brewery
Beer By Design Brewery
Bellevue Brewing Co.
Bell’s Brewery Inc.
Benchmark Brewing Company
Bend Brewing Co.
Berghoff Brewery
Big Choice Brewing
Big Dog’s Brewing Co.
Big Hurt Brewing
Big River Grille and Brewing Works
Big Sky Brewing Company
Big Time Brewing Co
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery – Boulder
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery – Chandler
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery – Reno
Black Bottle Brewery
Black Diamond Brewing Co
Black Market Brewing Company
Black Star Co-op Pub and Brewery
Black Tooth Brewing Co
Blackberry Farm Brewery
Blackstone Brewing Co.
Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant
Blue Corn Brewery
Blue Moon Brewing Company
Blue Mountain Barrel House
Blue Mountain Brewery
Blue Point Brewing Co
Bluegrass Brewing Company
BlueTarp Brewing Company
Boneyard Beer Co.
Bonfire Brewing
Bootlegger’s Brewery LLC
Bootstrap Brewing
Boscos Brewing Company
Boulder Beer Company
Boulevard Brewing Company
Boundary Bay Brewery
Bowser Brewing Company
Brasserie Saint James
Bravery Brewing Company
Breakside Brewery (Milwaukie Brewery)
Breakside Brewery (Pub Brewery)
Breckenridge Brewery
Brewery Ommegang
Brew Kettle Production Works
BrickStone Brewery
Bricktown Brewery
Brickyard Brewing
BridgePort Brewing Company
Bristol Brewing Company
Brooklyn Brewery
BRU Handbuilt Ales and Eats
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company
Bull & Bush Brewery
Bull and Bones Brewhaus


Calicraft Brewing Co.
Cambridge Brewing Company
Cambridge House Brew Pub
Campbell Brewing Company
Cannonball Creek Brewing Company
Cannon Brewpub
Capitol City Brewing Company
Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
Carbondale Beer Works
Carolina Brewery
Carver Brewing Company
CAUTION: Brewing Company
CB and Potts Restaurant and Brewery- FT Collins
CB and Potts Restaurant and Brewery- Highlands Ranch
Cedar Creek Brweery
CH Evans Brewing
Chama River Brewing Co.
Chelsea Brewing Company
Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative
Chicago Brewing Company
Choc Beer Co.
Christian Moerlein Brewing Company
Christian Moerlein Lager House
Church Brew Works
Church Street Brewing Company
Cigar City Brewing
Circle Brewing Co.
City Star Brewing
Claremont Craft Ales
Clear Creek Brewing Co.
Clown Shoes
Coalition Brewing Company
College Street Brewhouse & Pub
Colorado Boy Brewing Co,
Colorado Mountain Brewery
Commons Brewery
Community Beer Co.
Cool Springs Brewery
Coors Archive Brewing
Coors Brewing Company
Copper Club Brewing Company
Copper Kettle Brewing Company
Corcoran Brewing
Cornel’s Brewing Company
Coronado Brewing Company – Production Facility
Coronado Brewing Company Brewpub
Crabtree Brewing Company
Craft Brewing Company
Crazy Mountain Brewing Company
Crossroads Brewing Company
Crow Peak Brewing Company
Crystal Springs Brewing Company


Dad & Dudes Brewery
Daredevil Brewing Co.
Darwin Brewing Co.
De Steeg Brewing
Deep Ellum Brewing Company
Deep River Brewing Company
Denver Beer Co
Deschutes Brewery
Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House
Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House
Desert Edge Brewery
Devils Backbone Brewing Company – Basecamp
Devils Backbone Brewing Company – Outpost
Diamond Bear Brewing Company
Dillon DAM Brewery
Discretion Brewing
Dock Street Brewery
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Dostal Alley Brewpub and Casino
Double Mountain Brewery
Dragoon Brewing Company
Drake’s Brewing Co
Draught Works
Dry Dock Brewing Co. – North Dock
Dry Dock Brewing Co. – South Dock
Due South Brewing Co.
Durango Brewing Company


Echo Brewing Company
Eddyline Brewing
Eel River Brewing
El Segundo Brewing Company
El Toro Brewing Company & Brewpub
Elevation 66 Brewing Company
Elevation Beer Company
Elk Mountain Brewing
Elliott Bay Brewing Co.
Elysian Brewing Company
Empire Brewing Company
Epic Brewing Co., Denver, CO
Epic Brewing Co., Salt Lake City
Equinox Brewing Company
Erie Brewing Co.
Estes Park Brewery
Evans Brewing Company
Evil Czech Brewery
Evil Genius Beer Company
Evolution Craft Brewing Co.
Excel Bottling Company


Falling Sky Brewing
Fat Heads Brewery
Fat Heads Brewery & Saloon
FATE Brewing Company
Fate Brewing Company – Scottsdale, AZ
Feather Falls Casino Brewing Co.
Fegley’s Brewworks
Ferguson Brewing Company
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company – Buellton
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company – Santa Barbara
Finch’s Beer Company
Firestone Walker Brewing Company
Fish Brewing Co
Fitger’s Brewhouse
Flat Tail Brewing Co.
Flix Brewhouse
Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery
Flying Dog Brewery
Forest & Main Brewing Co.
Fort Collins Brewery
Four Horsemen Brewing Company
Four Peaks Brewery Company
Free State Brewing Company
Free Will Brewing Company
Freedom’s Edge Brewing Company
Freetail Brewing Co.
Freewheel Brewing Company
Front Range Brewing Company
Front Street Brewery
Full Tilt Brewing
Funky Buddha Brewery


Gella’s Diner & Lb Brewing Co
Genesee Brew House
Ghost River Brewing
Gigantic Brewing
Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company
Golden Road Brewing
Goose Island Beer Company
Goose Island Brewpubs
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant
Gore Range Brewery
Grand Teton Brewing Company
Gravity Brewing
Great American Restaurants
Great Basin Brewing Company — Reno
Great Basin Brewing Company — Sparks, Nevada
Great Divide Brewing Company
Great Lakes Brewing Company
Great South Bay Brewery
Green Flash Brewing Co
Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island
Griffin Claw Brewing Co.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Gunnison Brewery


Hale’s Ales
Half Acre Beer Company
Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
Hall Brewing Company
Hamburger Mary’s Chicago
Hangar 24 Craft Brewery
Harpoon Brewery
Harvest Moon Brewery/Cafe
Haven Brewing
Haymarket pub & brewery
Headlands Brewing Company
Heavy Seas Beer
Heretic Brewing Company
Hermitage Brewing Company
High Hops Brewery
High Noon Saloon & Brewery
High Sierra Brewing Co., Inc
Highland Brewing Company
Highway 1 Brewing Company
Hogshead Brewery
Holy City Brewing
Hop Valley Brewing Company
Hoppers Grill & Brewing Co.
Hoppin’ Frog Brewing Company
Hoppy Brewing Co.
Hops & Grain Brewing
Hopworks Urban Brewery
Humperdink’s Restaurant and Brewery
Hunter’s Brewing


Ice Harbor Brewing Company
Il Vicino Brewing Co.
Independence Brewing Co.
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
Ironfire Brewing Company
Island Brewing Company
Ithaca Beer Co.


Jack’s Abby Brewing
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
JAFB Wooster Brewery
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Joseph James Brewing Co., Inc.
Jupiter Brewing


Karbach Brewing Co.
Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Karl Strauss Brewing Company, Downtown
Keegan Ales
kern river brewing
KettleHouse Brewing Company
Kinetic Brewing Company
Kirkwood Station Brewing CO
Knee Deep Brewing Company
Kootenai River Brewing Company
Kuhnhenn Brewing Co


Lab Brewing Co.
La Cumbre Brewing Co.
Ladyface Ale Companie
Lager Heads Brewing Co.
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Lakefront Brewery
Lakewood Brewing Company
Lassen Ale Works
Latitude 33 Brewing Company
Laughing Dog Brewing
Laughing Sun Brewing Co.
Laurelwood Brewing Co.
Left Coast Brewing Co.
Left Hand Brewing Company
Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.
Listermann Brewing Company
Little Egypt Beer
Live Oak Brewing Co.
Logsdon Organic Farm Brewery
Lone Tree Brewing Company
Loop Brewing Company
Lost Abbey
Lost Highway Brewing Company
Lost Rhino Brewing Company
Loveland Aleworks
Lucid Brewing
Lucky Bucket Brewing Co
Lumberyard Brewing Co.
Lynnwood Brewing Concern


Mad Anthony Brewing Co.
Mad Fox Brewing Company
Mad River Brewing Company
Madison River Brewing Company
MadTree Brewing Company
Magic Hat Brewing Co.
Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery
Main Street Brewery
Manzanita Brewing Company
Marble Brewery
Marin Brewing Company
Market Garden Brewery
Marley’s Brewery & Grille
Marshall Wharf Brewing Co
Mash Tun Brew Pub
MateVeza Brewing Company
Maui Brewing Co.
Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery
Mazama Brewing Company
McCoy’s Public House and BrewKitchen
McKenzie Brew House
Mendocino Brewing
Miller Brewing Company
Mimbres Valley Brewing Co.
Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
Mission Brewery
MobCraft Beer
Modern Times Beer
Monkey Paw Brewing Co.
Montana Brewing Company
Moon River Brewing Co.
Moonlight Pizza and BrewPub
Morgantown Brewing Company
Mother Earth Brewing
Mother Road Brewing Company
Mother’s Brewing Company
Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
Moylan’s Brewing Company
Mudshark Brewing Co
Mustang Brewing Company
Mystery Brewing Company
Mystic Brewery


Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
Namaste Brewing at the Whip In
Nantahala Brewing Company
Narragansett Brewing Company
Nebraska Brewing Company
Neshaminy Creek Brewing
Nevin’s Brewing Company
New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc.
New Glarus Brewing Company
New Helvetia Brewing Co.
New Holland Brewing Company
New Planet Beer Company
Newburyport Brewing Company
Newport Beach Brewing Co
Nexus Brewery
Ninkasi Brewing Company
No Label Brewing Co
NoDa Brewing Company
Nodding Head Brewing Co.
NOLA Brewing Company
No-Li Brewhouse
North Peak Brewing Company
Northwoods Brewing Corp.llc


Oak Creek Brewing Co.
Oakshire Brewing
Oceanside Ale Works
Odd Side Ales
Odell Brewing Company
Odyssey Beerwerks
Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Co.
Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
Old Town Brewing Co.
Old World Brewery
Olde Burnside Brewing
Olde Hickory Brewery
Oskar Blues Brewery Longmont
Oskar Blues Brewery Lyons
Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew
Ouray Brewery


Pabst Brewing Company
Packinghouse Brewing Co
Pagosa Brewing & Grill
Palisade brewing company
Palmetto Brewing Company
Papago Brewing Co
Pateros Creek Brewing company
Payette Brewing Co.
Pedernales Brewing Company
Peekskill Brewery
Pelican Brewing Company
Pennsylvania Brewing Co.
Peticolas Brewing Company
pFriem Family Brewers
Pike Brewing Company
Pikes Peak Brewing Company
Piney River Brewing Co.
Pinthouse Pizza
Pints Brewery and Sport Bar
Pizza Port Bressi Ranch
Pizza Port Carlsbad
Pizza Port Ocean Beach Brewing Company
Pizza Port San Clemente
Pizza Port Solana Beach
Port Brewing Company
Port City Brewing Company
Port Jeff Brewing Company
Portland Brewing Co.
Project 12
Prost Brewing Company
Pumphouse Brewery
Pyramid Breweries Inc.


Rahr and Sons Brewing Co.
Railyard Brewing Company
Ram Brewery
Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Clackamas
Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Salem
Ram Restaurant & Brewery – Seattle
Ram Restaurant & Brewery Boise Idaho
Ram Restaurant and Brewery – Indianapolis
Ram Restaurant and Brewery – Wheeling, Schaumburg, IL
Real Ale Brewing Company
Red Brick Brewing
Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company
Redrock Brewing Company
Redstone Meadery
Redwood Brewing Co
Renegade Brewing Company
Reuben’s Brews
Revival Brewing Co.
Revolution Brewing
Revolver Brewing
Rickoli’s Brewery
Riff Raff Brewing Company
Right Brain Brewery
Ritual Brewing Co.
River City Brewing Co.
River North Brewery
Riverport Brewing Co.
Rivertown Brewing Company
RJ Rockers Brewing Co
Roc Brewing Co., LLC
Rochester Mills Beer Co.
Rock Bottom Brewery
Rock Bridge Brewing Co.
Rockslide Brewing Company
Rockyard Brewing Company
Rogness Brewing Company
Rogue Brewery
Round Guys Brewing Company
Rubicon Brewing Company
Russian River Brewing Company


Saddlebock Brewery
Saint Archer Brewing Co.
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company
Samuel Adams Boston Brewery
Samuel Adams-Cincinnati Brewery
San Luis Valley Brewing Company
Santa Clara Valley Brewing
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Santa Fe Brewing Co.
SanTan Brewing Company
Saranac Brewery
Sasquatch Brewery
Saucony Creek Brewing Company
Scratch Brewing Company
Seabright Brewery
Selkirk Abbey Brewing
Shamrock Brewing Company
ShawneeCraft Brewery
Shipyard Brewing Co., LLC
Shmaltz Brewing Co
Shock Top Brewing Co
Short’s Brewing Company
Sick N Twisted Brewing Co.
Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, Inc.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Silver City Brewery
Silver Moon Brewing
Six Rivers Brewery
Sixpoint Brewery
Ska Brewing
Slanted Rock Brewing Company, LLC
Sly Fox Brewing Company
Smartmouth Brewing Co.
Smog City Brewing Co.
Smugglers Brewpub
Smuttynose Brewing Company
Snake River Brewing
Solemn Oath Brewery
Solvang Brewing Company
Speakeasy Ales & Lagers
Spoetzl Brewery
Spring House Brewing Company
Springfield Brewing Company
Squatters And Wasatch Beers
Starr Hill Brewery
Steamworks Brewing Co
Stewart’s Brewing Co.
Stone Brewing Co.
Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station
Stoudt Brewing Co.
Strange Brewing Company
Sudwerk Brewing Co.
Summit Brewing Company
Sun King Brewing Company
Sun Up Brewing Company
Surly Brewing Company
Swamp Head Brewery
SweetWater Brewing Company


TableRock Brewery
Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company
TailGate Beer
Tallgrass Brewing Company
Taos Mesa Brewing
Tap It Brewing Co.
TAPS Fish House & Bewery
TAPS Fish House & Brewery
Telegraph Brewing Company
Telluride Brewing Company
Tenaya Creek Brewery
Terrapin Beer Co.
Texas Big Beer Brewery
Texian Brewing Co.
Third Street Aleworks
Thirsty Bear Brewing Company
Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company
Three Brothers Brewing
Three Creeks Brewing Company
Three Floyds Brewing Co
Throwback Brewery
Thunder Canyon Brewery
Tied House Brewing
Tin Man Brewing Company
Tivoli Brewing Company
Tommyknocker Brewery
Track 7 Brewing Company
Trickster’s Brewing Company
Trinity Brewing Company
Triple Rock Brewery
Troegs Brewing Company
Trumer Brauerei
TRVE Brewing Co.
Tustin Brewing Company
Twelve Degree Brewing
Twisted Pine Brewing Company
Two Brothers Brewing Co.
Two Roads Brewing Company


Uinta Brewing Company
Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que
Union Craft Brewing
Upslope Brewing Co.
Utah Brewers Co-op


Valiant Brewing Co
Verboten Brewing
Very Nice Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company
Vintage Brewing Company


Weasel Boy Brewing Company
West Flanders Brewing Co.
Weyerbacher Brewing Company
White Street Brewing Company, Inc.
Wichita Brewing Company
Wicked Weed Brewing
Wild Woods Brewery
Wiley Roots Brewing Company
Willoughby Brewing Company
Wind River Brewing Co.
Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company
Wit’s End Brewing Company
Woodfour Brewing Co.
Worthy Brewing Co.
Wrecking Bar Brewpub
Wynkoop Brewing Company


Yak & Yeti Brewpub
Yards Brewing Company
Yellow Springs Brewery


Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
Zio Carlo Magnolia Brewpub
Zipline Brewing Co.


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Great American Beer Festival 2013 – Are you going?

capAnother season and another beer festival equals another MankerBeer with a few posts written in the mysterious language called English. The reason is not more difficult than that we are going to Denver in October and wants to be able to reach a wider audience and inspire them to want to buy tickets for the worlds largest, greatest and coolest beer festival – The Great American Beer Festival, GABF. Just like with all our interviews with non-Swedish speaking people as well as with our work in preparation for Copenhagen Beer Celebration we believe that it is not more than fair to write in a language that opens up for more than Swedes and fellow Nordic citizens, and in the language that will be spoken at the festival.

Okay. So why all this fuzz about beer festivals and MankerBeer?

Me, Manker and co-writer M2 have been appointed press visitors at GABF 2013. Ever since I started writing about beer 4 years ago I have dreamed of going to Denver, Colorado to attend the worlds largest beer festival and to try all the beers and meet all the fantastic brewers. So between October 10-12 we will be in Denver to cover the festival and what is happening in Denver but also to capture the beer scene in the wider Denver area as well as to visit some of the top US craft beer breweries in cities such as Boulder and Fort Collins (much like we did when we were in Colorado 2 years ago).

GABF was founded in 1982 and has grown along the rising interest in American, and international craft beer ever since. With the last couple of years showing a rocketing interest in the fine art of fine beer the festival has sold out quicker than ever. Two years ago the tickets sold out in a couple of days and last year they sold out in just a couple of minutes. So be prepared, this is the worlds largest beer event and you do not want to miss out!

The Great American Beer Festival takes place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver and there are four available sessions:  Thursday, October 10 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm, Friday, October 11 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm, Saturday, October 12 Members Only Session 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm and finally Saturday, October 12 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm. The tickets are priced 75$ per session with the option of buying designated driver tickets for 25$ (with which you will not be poured any alcoholic beverages).

The tickets goes on sale July 30 for Brewers Association members and on July 31 for the public. For all info on how and where to get your tickets visit the tickets site. Hotels and transportation (notably flights) will sell out quickly after the tickets have been released so simultaneously with booking your tickets you might want to have prepared to book your hotels – all of the hotels around the convention center and around Denver will be booked.

Good look hunting tickets and we really hope to see as many of you as possible in Denver, we will be back with more GABF later in July!

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