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lagulogoTwo weeks and one day until bartime – so start preparing, Copenhagen Beer Celebration is in the air! I was just writing an article on UK brewery Thornbridge and how one of their brewers, Matthew, explained to us how they try to make all of their beers sessionable or at least with a good drinkability. A sane beer geek wouldn’t down a pint o Three Floyds Dark Lord (or…), not because the quality or taste of the beer but simply because its too flavorful and strong. At CBC we will see breweries from all corners of the world and with different focus – some are making big beers while some prefer easy drinking beers. I would put Lagunitas Brewing Co. in the middle, leaning towards the more easy drinking beers. Quite unexpectedly, many Swedes really like Lagunitas – a brewery we until last year had to go to Denmark to be able to find. The brewery is attending CBC for the first time and their beer list, subjective to change, has a nice mix of easy drinking beers such as their IPA and my favorite, New Dogtown Pale Ale to their new Chardonnay barrel aged Imperial wheat ale Doppelomyces and and Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. I wouldn’t miss fresh Hop Stoopid or Maximus – beers that will give you your morning hop fix. For the complete list, of all the beers as well as ABV and descriptions – consult this great list! As soon as all beers have been announced we will upload the final version for you to print, edit and play around with!


Lagunitas CBC Beer List:

  • IPA
  • New Dogtown Pale Ale
  • Hop Stoopid
  • Little Sumpin Sumpin
  • Maximus
  • Doppelmyces
  • B.A Imperial Stout
  • Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF)

Magnus "Manker" Björnstjerna

Grundare och skribent på Från ett fokus på allt vad USA har att erbjuda och med en kärlek till gedigen amerikansk mat, bra bourbon och framförallt all landets fantastiska öl har Manker nu börjat förstå storheten i belgisk öl.

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